Friday, December 4, 2015

Fallen Angel, Part 4 by Tracie Podger Releases !!


It’s live….

Fallen Angel, Part 4 – A Mafia
It was in a small room in a hotel in Washington, Romance

DC, that Brooke Stone’s life changed forever—again.
Life had been peaceful, as peaceful as being a member of one of the most powerful crime families in America could be.
But life has a habit of throwing a curve ball, a curve ball so fast and so wide it knocks everyone from their feet.
From the streets of DC to the hills of Tuscany, from death to the utmost joy – Join Brooke for the final chapter in the Fallen Angel series and witness the birth of a new crime dynasty.
This is a story of discovery, of finding a past, of heartache and the greatest of love.
‘I’ve seen death and I’ve faced my worst
A Mafia Romance

Contemporary romance for readers over the age
fears – I survived.’

of 18 years.
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