Friday, November 6, 2015

My Only Regret (Twisted Fate Book 1) By Rhonda James

Rhyann Michaels has spent most of her life doing only what was expected. Working for a tyrant boss at a job she secretly despises, dating losers but always hoping for more. Just once, she would like to break out of the mold that has been cast. She often dreamed of what it would be like to live life with wild abandon and do the unexpected. How would it feel to stop looking for Mr. Right, and say yes to Mr. Wrong? One night, that’s all it was supposed to be. He’d told her all the things he wanted to do to her body, even promised to make her forget her own name, what he failed to tell her was how to go about forgetting him. Jesse Montgomery has spent most of his life on stage. He was cocky, confident, and usually got what he wanted. His band has worked hard and their music career was finally taking off. Beautiful women surrounded him, and there was always one waiting backstage hoping for the chance to share his bed. He liked variety; one woman would never be enough for him, that was, until he met her. One night, that’s all he wanted. One night of passion with the most gorgeous woman he had ever laid eyes on. He made promises, and took her back to his place and happily fulfilled them, but when he woke the next morning she was gone. The only thing left behind was a note. Their night of passion may have made her forget her own name, but it had been burned in his memory forever. He’d counted on giving her a good time, what he hadn’t counted on was giving her his heart. Author's note - My Only Regret is a full-length standalone novel.

 Due to strong language and sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.


"You are so beautiful." He whispers, before parting me with his skilled tongue. I

gasp, rolling my hips with his movements. Soon, his hands cup my rear, pushing

me deeper into his mouth, and I bury my hands in his hair, holding him there until

he takes me over the edge of the precipice and my legs are about to buckle. He

places a tender kiss over the sensitive area, then he looks up through long

lashes and smiles knowingly. Just when I think he may need a minute, he flips

me around and bends me over the kitchen counter, pausing only a moment to

slip on a condom. Cold granite stings my breasts, but that pain is soon forgotten

as he fills me from behind. He slowly builds a rhythm, and soon I am pressing

back into each thrust, begging for him to give more. The room is quiet, save for

the sounds of skin slapping against skin, and that of our own groans as together

we race toward our release. Then, he pulls out, and my body, missing him

already, presses against him once more. He turns me around to face him and

lifts me, carrying me to the dining room table. He places me on the edge and

steps between my legs, then, slowly guides the crown back in. My greedy body

squeezes against him, preventing him from straying too far, and he lets out a

throaty chuckle against my lips. As his hips thrust to a beat of their own making,

his tongue follows the same rhythm in my hungry mouth.

I'm about to climax when he pulls out, drawing out our pleasure once more, and

moves us to the stairs. I assume we are heading for the bedroom but it seems

that Jesse has other plans. My back meets the polished wood and my legs part

wide enough for him to fill the empty space. My body arches, seeking him, and I

cry out as he plunges in with a force that has him filling me so completely my

head is spinning. The sheer pleasure is greater than I've ever known, more

satisfying than the finest food or wine. My heels dig into his hips, holding him in

place, and as he rolls into me he grunts and kisses my neck. I'm panting loudly,

fighting to hold back my release so this never ends.

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